void Andrews::CodeDump(C_PlusPlus * &_Code)

Welcome to my collection of code for cross-platform to OS specific source code! PLEASE NOTE: each source code library is open source, but licensing on how you use or distribute the source code may very.
If you like my work or use it, please feel free to make a small donation. If you are broke, just add me on Twitter or Facebook! Any penny or friend helps!

Andrew's Code Dump

3D OBJ and JSON Converter :: Download Source Code (.zip) :: Download Windows Build (.zip)
Converts 3D models into JSON file format for easier parsing in WebGL.

String input calculator :: Coming Soon!
Input a string of a formula into this calculator to get a result! (Cross platform friendly)

File Handler Class :: Coming Soon!
Minipulate or read files easier! Text or even binary! (Cross platform friendly)

TinyStaller :: View Source Code (.zip) :: Download Build (Windows .exe)
Install your small and simple programs on Windows machines.

String Handler :: Download Code (.7z)
Does commands for "strings" such as whitespace trimming, lower/upper case strings, and converts them into vector lists. (Cross platform)

(NEW)Erlang Example Script :: View Code (URL)
Uses simple function calls and if statment example.

(NEW)Erlang Server Example Script :: Download Code (.7z)
Creates a simple TCP data search engine server. Client sends key and server returns results back to client.

More open source projects coming soon! It's only a army of one...

ERLANG Server Example Code! 06/10/12

I've just released a Erlang Data Server example for you all. It does simple record lookup and sends the result back to the client. Uses: User I/O, TCP, List Searching.

ERLANG Example Code! 06/01/12

I'm going to post a piece of example code on my website that shows what it's syntax is like, and help future developers get a better idea how to code it. Hope you all enjoy!

String Handler Release! 05/27/12

I've now released StringHandler library! (Crossplatform friendly) I've fully documented my code in the header file. The code is easy to install. Since their is only one header and source file, and all you have to do is copy and paste or download the code into your project and then simply build it with your project. :) If your new to C++, use my code as a example or use it for your homework, or make trilions of dollars on it!

The source code is under WTFPL, so I don't care what you do with it.