void Andrews::CodeDump(C_PlusPlus * &_Code)

Welcome to my collection of code for cross-platform to OS specific source code! PLEASE NOTE: each source code library is open source, but licensing on how you use or distribute the source code may very.
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Andrew's Code Dump
My name is Andrew and I'm a programmer!

I write code for fun, a job and to learn. Some people say I can't be a programmer, but I don't think of them much. I've written code in Python, Java, C#, HTML, and C++, how many languages do they know how to write in? probably not much, they are lucky enough to write English.

Anyways enough with the poem, I was born in Arizona in 1991 and raised their till I was 19 and moved to New Jersey to start a new life. I first started writing HTML when I was in middle school and then after I started to play Doom3. I started to do level design in its map editor. After a while I wanted to do some neat things and really add cool stuff like elevators/platforms and add my own weapons or change the sound of the monsters. I then went into Doom3 scripting which was very close to C/C++.

While I was learning HTML/CSS I began looking into Python. I made my first program and released a scripting editor using wxPython. The source file was very huge and it was very popular to modders. Then after some time of playing with other languages such as Python and C#, I made a sequel to the level editor in C#. It wasn't a better success since it had more bugs in it. After a couple of months I decided to swap to C++ and feel in love. The language was better and easier to port onto other operating systems, but GUI APIs was a bit of a challenge, especially when youíre new to xCode.

I learned a lot of APIs to use such as OpenGL/GLSL, Win32, wxWidgets, MySQL Connect.

I have background knowledge of fire alarm and security system installation ironically; I must be the first software engineer to have this sort of knowledge included, of course electronic design and MCU programming. ;)

I'm sort of looking to attract some followers/critics that enjoy my work or donít like my work, by all means message me if you have any questions or comments about what I post!

Thank you guys!